New Military Tanks For Sale

General Dynamics Land Systems

GDLS is an American manufacturer of many of the world’s best military tanks, including the Abrams Main Battle Tank.

Israeli Military Industries

Israel Military Industries (IMI) is a major contributor to the main Israeli army tank, the Merkava.


KMW is a German manufacturer of the Leopard family of military tanks.


Rotem is a Korean manufacturer of military tanks, including the K1A1


DEPO is a Pakistani manufacturer and remanufacturer of military tanks, including the T-59 and Al-Zarrar.

Oto Melara

Oto Melara is an Italian manufacturer of military vehicles, including the Ariete Italian army tank.

Nexter Group

The Nexter Group is a French manufacturer of the Leclerc French army tank.


UKRSPETS Export is a Ukranian exporter of new and remanufactured military tanks.

Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH

Rheinmetall Landsystemme is a German military vehicle manufacturer.


UVZ is a Russian military vehicle manufacturer.

Used and Refurbished Military Tanks For Sale

International Repo-Depo

International Repo-Depot provides military vehicle repair, restoration, sales and support.

ArmyJeeps is a military vehicle broker and appraisal service. sells used and refurbished British military tanks.

Khaki Corps Imports

Khaki Corps specializes in importing British military tanks into the U.S.


Tanks2Go mostly rents tanks, but they do sell some tanks.

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